March 2017

Mom, what does Champagne taste like? – Paris with Kids

Paris is the city for lovers… Au contraire mon ami, we had a blast with the circus… read more about our trip…

So my kids wanted to go to Paris. Not to sound spoiled, I’ve been there a bunch of times (being a Brit), and didn’t feel the need to visit. Non-the-less, we decided to add-on Paris during our trip to the Motherland.
We’d be visiting in February, so packed for a worst weather scenario, and we were not disappointed by the biting cold and harsh weather.

There’s More to the UK than London!

This past Christmas we were planning to visit the UK to spend time with our family then head onto Jordan. Petra is on our bucket list, and after much research, we felt safe traveling there with our family. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. After a terrorist attack on December 18th, the US Embassy issued a warning alerting US citizens to avoid … Read…