Five Travel Book That Won’t Disappoint

These travel books are practically falling apart at my house, and have been read many times over as we dream, plan, and long for our next family adventure.  Hopefully this list will inspire you to plan an adventure of your own with your travel book!
World zteam soccer book
World Team – Tim Vyner
‘One big round world, one small round ball.  Right now more children that you can possibly imagine are playing soccer.’  I have read this book hundreds and hundreds of times to my boys, each time prompting different questions and discussions about the world.  The book takes us on a journey around the world, learning about different children playing soccer in their respective countries, all with the same dream; scoring an important winning goal!
the travel bookThe Travel Book: A journey through every country in the world – Lonely Planet

This book takes you on a journey through every country in the world and captures the essence of every country with stunning photographs and inviting text.  The beautiful pictures and vivid descriptions will have you reaching for your passports ready to plan your next adventure.

This is London – M. SasekThis is London travel book

M. Sasek worked as a painter and illustrator for most of his life. His books take the reader on an illustrated journey through some of the world’s most exciting cities and countries, sharing his favorite parts of each city.  There are 18 ‘This is’ books in the series.

1,000 Places To See Before You Die: A Traveler’s Life List – Patricia Schultz1000 places to see before you die travel book
No travel book list would be complete without mentioning this New York Times bestseller.  This book shows us the best that the world has to offer and is broken down by country.  We love to highlight sections of this book and debate where we’d go if time and money were not an issue, and it has inspired many thoughtful conversations.
Wonders of the World: 100 inspiring and incredible places on earth –  Igloowonders of the world travel book
This book is our bible as we make lists of dream adventures and places to explore.  With stunning photographs and informative text, we are able to experience and appreciate the most famous sights on earth.
What books make you long to grab your passport and head out to the world?

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