What To Expect After Double Mastectomy: Day 1 and Day 2

Guest Post By Hot Hubby: Mastectomy Recovery, Day 1

Just a short post today, wanted to let you know Sam is doing well and has been recovering from her double mastectomy surgery all day.  Our Kickass-Warrior-Survivor has eaten a bit this afternoon, but the anesthesia is leaving her system slowly.  As she’s been resting she’s been in and out of real sleep and is extremely nauseated, in lots of pain, but is still going strong for her first day. She’s getting excellent care and has a sweet room to herself so is as comfortable as possible.
Her surgeon said she might be ready to leave as early as Friday afternoon, but almost definitely by Saturday, so that’s the plan.  I’ll let you know when she’s back home. (or she might be on social media by then.  I won’t have to tell you when that happens!)
I brought the boys up to visit this afternoon, that put a bright smile on her face.  They were so very worried about their mom and just wanted to see her alive and breathing after such a large surgery.  They were very relieved to see that big smile on her face that we all love. (I didn’t tell them that it was most probably the morphine drip that was making her smile)
breast cancer with kidsThank you so much for your emails, texts, and offers to help, as well as your prayers and get well wishes.  I will try to give her a hug from everyone who’s asked, but I’m not sure I can count that high (and I’d be here all night!)

Guest Post: Mastectomy Recovery, Day 2

Sam is fierce.
Sam is a warrior.
Sam is ferocious.
Sam is like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
In more ways than one…It’s not her scaly skin, love of raw meat, or mouthful of razor-sharp teeth – its that Sam can only move the lower part of her arms for the next 10 days.
breast cancer with kids recovery To keep everything in place to heal as quickly as possible, she’s got to keep her upper arms right next to her at all times.  Like she’s got a belt around her body and arms right above her elbows. She’s not allowed to pull, push, or move them in any way.  So she can’t really type.  That’s why it’s me, Hot Hubby, here at the keyboard again, like it or not with today’s update.
Sam’s Dream Team surgeon continues to be amazing, checking in with her in the morning again today, walking her through all the things that will help her heal as quickly as possible.  The anesthesia started to leave her body yesterday evening, and it seems to be just a groggy memory today. Although she’s not typing on the computer quite yet, and still in incredible pain, she’s already remembered to remind me about the things I needed to do, so I know her mind is now anesthesia-free (things were completely scheduled and listed and checked twice on Monday – don’t worry, I had them covered!).breast cancer with kids recovery after mastectomyShe’s doing great – talking, laughing a bit (even though it hurts a LOT), and already complaining about the hospital food.  Her team of best friends have been so great, so helpful – they’re taking shifts to visit and watch over her, bringing her real food and fruit, getting on the nurses when needed, and sending some texts on her behalf (mostly reminders to me, of course). She’s been unhooked from all her monitors, oxygen, tubes, etc and only has a single IV which should go tomorrow.
So, she’s well on the road to recovering quickly. The current plan is for her to come back home tomorrow afternoon where she can wave her fierce Tyrannosaurus arms around all she wants in the privacy of her own bed.
recovering from breast cancer with kids On my end, I did get some sleep last night –  thanks for asking!  Seabass and Julian had a great visit yesterday even though Sam wasn’t talking a whole lot, and they’ll go back again to visit this evening. I cannot imagine how scared they must be seeing their beloved mom attached to machines and in excruciating pain.
On the home front, we have enough (awesome) food delivered to the house to last us until July.  (well, maybe the end of May as both boys can eat more than me now…)
Again, a HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s sent cards, flowers, yummy dinners and desserts and fruit and everything else!!  It’s made things a lot easier for me, and Sam and I both appreciate it immensely.

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