6 Reasons to Love New Zealand: North Island

New Zealand is a tiny country consisting of two remote islands (and many smaller ones) with a population of around four million people. It’s easy to find complete solitude in New Zealand since most of the population is concentrated in the five main cities. New Zealand has incredible scenery ranging from rainforests, beaches and cool islands on the northern island, to glaciers, lakes, snow-covered mountains and hot springs in the south.
We had two weeks to drive around and explore New Zealand. We planned to explore the North Island, before heading to the stunning South Island. We flew from LAX directly into Auckland on a looooooong 17 hour flight, and spent a couple of days in Auckland recovering from jetlag. New Zealand has some of the most diverse environments on earth, and displays perfectly how two completely different cultures can thrive in a peaceful yet vibrant society.

Auckland museum new zealand

The Auckland War Memorial Museum

We spent an entire day wandering this stunning museum with the boys. This museum is located in a beautiful half deco-half modernist building on top of a hill in a peaceful neighborhood.

New Zealand was inhabited by local native people, the Maori before the arrival of Europeans in the 1700s.  There were many wonderful exhibits sharing the history of New Zealand, and the impact it had on the Maori population. It is beautifully curated.

The Highlight for us was the Maori section on the bottom floor. The highlight was the traditional Maori Hut and warrior boat.Auckland museam new zealand

Waitematā HarbourAuckland museam new zealand harbor

 Waitematā Harbor is the main access by boat to Auckland, New Zealand. For this reason it’s often referred to as Auckland Harbor, despite the fact that it’s one of two harbors joining the city.

We wandered around and enjoyed beautiful views of the downtown area, clear blue waters, and many shops, restaurants, and cafes. It’s beautiful, clean, and not crowded at all.

Rotorua Luge

After leaving Auckland we drove about 3 hours south to Rotarua. We visited the Skyline Rotarua for some action and adventure.

If you’ve never been on a luge before, you’re in for a treat. We took the gondola from the base to the top of the mountain. The views were incredible. At the top of the mountain, we were told to pick through a grotty container of helmets to find the perfect fit for our ride.
Rotarua new zealand luge
After researching this before we arrived, the boys were mortified when I made us all wear hairnets.  (I’m sorry, I didn’t want to drive lice around New Zealand for two weeks with us!!!)
Rotarua new zealand luge rides

So the luge is a bit like a go-kart, except it has a plastic tray to sit in and you steer it with handlebars that look like a bicycle. You pull the handlebars towards you to brake and push forward if you want to go. Sounds easy right?!?

HOT TIP: Don’t let the handlebars go because the luge will stop instantly… no matter how fast you’re going. We learned the hard way and almost lost teeth! We had the option of three luge tracks with varying degrees of difficulty.

We opted for the beginner track, much to the disappointment of the boys, who, you guessed it…. wanted to head straight to the advanced track!

After the safety talk we were all ready to go.  We sat in our luges and began the 2km decent down the hill.

We were able to control how fast (or slow) we felt comfortable riding, and after a few minutes we felt more comfortable to experiment with the speed. Such a fun experience and the views of Rotarua from the top of the mountain and the whole way down were breathtaking!

maori village new zealandWe couldn’t leave New Zealand without taking part in a traditional Maori ‘hangi’ feast. Tamaki Village felt welcoming and warm, and the natives genuinely seemed to enjoy sharing their history and culture of the Maori people with us.
maori village new zealand
Driving to the village, our group choose a Chief for the night, and we were excited that Hot Hubby was chosen.

maori village new zealand - new cheif

The Chief performs duties such as representing the group when requesting admission to the village and performing in the welcoming ceremony. Upon passing the test to enter their village, the interim Chief receives a hongi, which is the traditional Māori greeting where noses are rubbed together.

maori village new zealand with kids

We spent an immersive evening beginning with a traditional welcome ceremony, learning the local customs, and watched a powerful display of song and dance. We ended the evening with a delicious hangi dinner that was traditionally cooked underground.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand

Waitomo Glowworm Caves new zealand

The Waitomo glowworm caves take you through three levels of incredible Waitomo caves systems.

The first level (the Catacombs) is an extraordinary walkway within the limestone cave. The second level is displays the more prominent stalactites and stalagmites.

The final level is the Cathedral, with high ceilings and large (and growing) stalactites and stalagmites.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves new zealand with the family

Our visit ended with a boat ride in the Glowworm Grotto.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves new zealand tour
We travelled in darkness, underneath millions of glow worms dotting the roof of the cave, as our boat glided silently through the underground Waitomo River.
Waitomo Glowworm Caves new zealand river tour
The experience is truly phenomenal and we couldn’t help but marvel at the wonder of nature.

Whakarewarewa Thermal Village, New Zealand

Set with boiling and bubbling hot springs, mud pools and steaming lakes, we visited  Rotorua’s only Living Maori Thermal Village. Here we learned about the Maori culture traditions, and their unique way of life.

Whakarewarewa Thermal Village new zealand with kids

We learned how the natives use geothermal activity in the village to cook, bath & preserve.

Whakarewarewa Thermal Village geothermal fun
We also were able to walk around the village and explore the steaming vapors, and witness the two erupting geysers.

Whakarewarewa Thermal Village erupting geyser 

Full disclosure, since this is an active geothermal location, the smell is similar to rotting eggs, and it takes a while to get used to that.

Whakarewarewa Thermal Village new zealand travel
One of the highlights for us was the traditional Marae (Meeting House) for the community, with views of the distant erupting geyser in nearby Ta Pui.

We witnessed their display of traditional Marae song and dance at the cultural performance and it was interesting to see the natives walking around the village in their everyday lives.

After the cultural performance, we were able to walk around the village stores and observe the villagers performing their everyday tasks.

Whakarewarewa Thermal Village artist
We bought a mask from this talented artist and it hangs proudly on our wall today!

We learned these events and places may seem commercial, however they give the indigenous people a way to contribute to the economy of New Zealand and a chance to share their deeply rich and spiritual culture.

New Zealand is the PERFECT country to travel either with your family or solo.  The spectacular scenery, interesting culture and relatively compact size, makes it the perfect spot to relax, explore,  and try something a little outside of your comfort level.

Whakarewarewa Thermal Village travel new zealand with kids
Boys were thrilled with their traditional Maori spears to hang on their walls!

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