6 Amazing Places to Visit In Morocco With Kids

Visiting Morocco with kids is a different experience. Morocco is a country that should be on your travel bucket list, however, be prepared to feel overwhelmed at first!  This country is a true feast of the senses, and it’s got everything – adventure, culture, history and nature, all with a different flair.

The food, the colors, the spices, the smells, and the scenery were unforgettable.  This diverse country is filled with majestic palaces, mouth-watering cuisine and large areas of stunning natural landscapes.  We drove around the whole country, and here are some ‘must-see’ places.

Here are our best things to experience in Morocco with kids!

1. Camp in the Sahara Desert

Riding a camel over the orange dunes of the Sahara Desert under the sun and camping under the stars, was one of the Moroccan adventures we were most looking forward to, and it met all of our expectations.

Read the full post about camping in the Sahara desert with kids here.

2. Todra Gorge

Todra Gorge is one of Morocco’s most captivating natural sights.
morocco sahara desert todra gorgemorocco sahara desert todra gorge

Nearly vertical cliffs of red rock stand above a rocky river bed, in a system carved over the years by glacial melt. A paved road links the canyon to the outside world.    We enjoyed a 2 hour hike through the stunning Todra Gorge!

morocco sahara desert todra gorgemorocco sahara desert todra gorgeWe planned to spend New Year’s Eve in Todra Gorge, and luckily Hot Hubby thought ahead and packed champagne to enjoy with our chicken tangine.  Morocco is a Muslim country and they don’t sell alcohol, especially in small towns. So, if you want it you’ll need to bring it with you.

Drinking Champagne on New Year's Eve in todra gorge
NYE 2004 – Chicken Tagine and Champagne

3. Visit Fez

Fez (or Fes) is in the North of Morocco between the Rif and the Middle Atlas, and has the oldest medina in the world. We loved some parts, and really didn’t like others. You need to be careful in Fez with kids.

Fez is one of the four imperial cities of the country.  Read more about our time in Fez here.

4. Drive Through Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains

The drive from between Fez to Marrakech is about 530 km’s, however with the often one-lane roads, it took us about 12 hours. 

morocco atlas mountainsmorocco atlas mountains - you are very very high

The drive through the High Atlas Mountains on narrow roads, no guard rails and 5000ft sheer drops over the edge is not for the faint hearted, however the reward is breathtaking views. 

morocco atlas mountains

morocco atlas mountains - selling oranges
We stopped on the side of the road to buy some fresh oranges

People often don’t think of snow-capped mountains in Morocco, but the Atlas Mountain Ranges are so diverse with constantly changing landscapes.  One minute we were driving on snow, and the next we needed to wrap scarfs around our head to shield us from the dry heat and dust.  
The views of the Atlas Mountains can be incredible

morocco atlas mountains
The Atlas Mountains are home to Morocco’s traditional Berber tribes and small villages are found on the side of the road.

5. Ait Benhaddou

Ait Benhaddou was once one of the most important places on the old Salt Road when caravans brought slaves, gold, ivory and salt from Saharan Africa to Marrakech. However, lately, it has been used as the location for many films and TV shows like the move “Gladiator”.

Ait BenhaddouAit Benhaddou camelFilms shot here include Lawrence of Arabia, Indiana Jones, Gladiator and more recently Game of Thrones.

tea break with kids in the atlas mountains
Julian taking a moment for tea and a story from our guide, Khalid.
morocco atlas mountains driving a dirtbike
Khalid stopped at his friends village in the mountains.  What could possibly go wrong?!?! 😉

6. Visit Marrakech With Kids

After a looooong drive through the Atlas Mountains, sleeping in small Riad’s, and camping in the desert, we finally arrived to heat and luxury at our gorgeous Riad Celia in the center of Marrakech.  
Marrakech morocco - the bazaar

shipping in Marrakech
Shopping in Marrakech means bartering

morocco Marrakechmorocco Marrakech with kids

It felt amazing to have a warm shower and comfy bed after three nights in the desert…. and towels… and heat… and electricity…  It was bliss and the perfect ending to our Moroccan adventure. 
happy family in Marrakech moroccoSunlight shining on kids' heads in an alley in MarrakechWe spent a few days wandering around the colorful Bazars, eating delicious food, and experiencing all this wonderful city has to offer.  

Djemaa el Fna square is the heart of Marrakech where the snake charmers, fortune tellers, acrobats and storytellers hang out, and it was simply magical.

 Have you travelled to Morocco with kids?

What are your favorite spots and things to do?

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