Healthy Smoothies: 10 Important Health Benefits

I love healthy smoothies, but hate the hassle of keeping my kitchen stocked with fresh fruits, veggies and other ingredients (vitamins, powders, minerals, seeds, etc.) needed for healthy homemade smoothies!

In my quest to make self-care a priority, I’m trying to add more fruits, vegetables and fiber into my diet. When I heard about the ‘Secret Smoothie Society‘ which delivers two fresh and tasty healthy smoothies to your doorstep each day, I knew I had to give it a whirl to see if this could work for me. This service is designed to front load your day with superior nutrition, by providing 20 different smoothies over the course of 2 weeks all delivered right to your door!

healthy smoothies delivered by the secret smoothie society in manhattan beach

According to their website, ‘only the finest organic whole food, raw, superfood stacked ingredients are used with a proprietary blend of macro and micronutrients, and superfoods to provide energy and satiety all day!’  I’m in! I used mine as a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch, and ate a healthy dinner in the evening. Not only were the smoothies delicious, I didn’t have to give my nutrition one single thought during my busy days. This is a huge benefit for me since my days are constantly shifting, and knowing I had a nutritious smoothie on hand was a game-changer.


With your delivery you get a cute name card attached to your smoothie!
With your delivery you get a cute name card attached to your smoothie!

My smoothies were provided in an insulated bag with an icepack, and left at my front door between 7.30am and 8.30am each day. They were served in reusable mason jars. Each day after enjoying my smoothies, I’d leave the two jars (rinsed), and the insulated bag and icepack outside my front door to be replaced with the next days smoothies.  Not only was I getting the most nutritious start to my day, but I was doing it without the use of plastic cups, lids and straws!  Hey Earth… the Secret Smoothie Society has your back!

Is this service a splurge?… yes… but I can honestly say if you are looking for a jump start to your self-care, weight loss, or are looking for energy to keep you going all day long, then the Secret Smoothie Society could be just what you’re looking for! These two smoothies sustained me all day, and when I followed the snack and dinner advice, I started to appreciate the nutrient dense foods and had fewer cravings for junk food.

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10 Important Benefits of Healthy Smoothies

1. Help with digestion. Smoothies are loaded with whole flax freshly ground on the spot to keep nutrients intact. The seeds are high in omega-3 fats, a rich source of lignans which may reduce your cancer risk, are loaded with dietary fiber, and have been seen to improve cholesterol. Flax seeds may also lower blood pressure, and are protective especially against prostate cancer. 

2. Drink your greens. Smoothies contain green leafy vegetables which add essential vitamins and minerals to your diet. Greens help with vision, immune system, cancer prevention, and offer protection against heart disease. They also keep you feeling full and satisfied… I mean, what don’t they do? Greens are also full of anti-cancer properties… and we all want to keep that away… right?

3. Keep you feeling full. Smoothies use the whole fruit/vegetable, leaving the fiber intact. Natural fiber found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, help fill you up so you’re less likely to overeat.

4. Help lose excess body weight without skipping any meals. People trying to lose weight often skip the morning meal and end up snacking on food in larger amounts between meals.

5. Boost your mood. Fresh vegetables and fruits rich in folic acid, like broccoli, spinach and bananas, help with symptoms of depression. People suffering from depression are advised to eat healthy breakfasts, and a healthy smoothie is a great way to start your day. Smoothies made with fresh ingredients relieve stress and help you stay happier and healthier.

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6. Lowers heart disease risk. Berries, green leafy vegetables and herbs such as ginger, are natural sources of antioxidants, have anti cancer properties, and are an anti-inflammatory. The body is equipped with a defense system of antioxidants, but many essential antioxidants must be supplemented with diet and antioxidant-rich foods. These foods lower heart disease risk, lower blood sugar, treat chronic indigestion, and is good for brain health.

7. Improve your skin and hair. Food containing carotenoids and antioxidants like mango, berries, carrots and peaches, are loaded with antioxidants such as vitamin C and lots of phytonutrients. These foods work on protecting against heart disease, inflammation, and promote eye and brain health.

8. Saves you time. A smoothie home delivery service can save you tons of time and give you a wide variety of nutritional options each day. Treat yourself… you’re worth it!

9. Help prevent cancer. The growth of cancer-causing factors, or carcinogens, can be controllied by limiting the growth of free radicals in the body. All mushrooms (and mushroom powder) contains beta glucans, which have been found to help fight inflammation and aid the immune system. Mushrooms are thought to protect against breast and other hormone-related cancers because they inhibit an enzyme called aromatase, which produces estrogen. I’m not suggesting that smoothies are a cure for cancer or an alternative to cancer treatment, but a healthy diet and lifestyle will help keep your body in a healthy state.

10. Smoothies use the whole fruit and vegetable. Smoothies are often a better option than juice when it comes to health benefits. Juice is often free from the pulp of fruits and vegetables which provide fiber. In addition, peeling fruits or vegetables before putting them into a juicer makes them prone to germs and oxidation. Smoothies consist of every part of the ingredients, locking in all the goodness of the ingredients.

What are some of your favorite healthy smoothie ingredients? Let me know in the comments below and join me on Instagram and Twitter!



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