Cariuma Sneakers: 5 Reasons You Need Them

We recently drove from Barcelona to Lourdes, then across northern Spain through the Catalonia region, hitting the hotspots, and walking between 8 -12 miles each day in our new Cariuma sneakers. We prefer to walk rather than take public transportation since we’ve found it’s the best way to actually get a ‘feel’ for the city.

Most cities are fairly simple to navigate, and we enjoy stumbling into pockets of history, charm and beauty. And walking through alleys and finding shortcuts we’ve found the most amazing sights, sounds and smells that really add to our travel experiences.

Wearing Cariuma sneakers at the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum
Wearing Cariuma sneakers at the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum

It’s important to travel with a comfy pair of walking shoes, and call me dorky, but after I discovered how comfortable my Cariuma sneakers were, I had to get a pair for Hot Hubby.

Cariuma sneakers in San Sebastian
We hiked up here in our Cariuma sneakers!

We both wore our ICI Cariuma stone grey sneakers, the whole trip, and I can honestly say it was like we were walking on a foam mattress – they’re light, comfortable and look great.

Here are 5 reasons you NEED to pack Cariuma sneakers for your travels:

  1. Cariumas are seriously comfortable from the first wear. I mean, Hot Hubby pulled off the tags, popped them on his feet and walked 8 miles. No blisters. Nothing. Makes sense since their insoles are crafted with a hybrid of memory foam and natural vegetable tanned leather, for optimal comfort.
  2. These sneakers are stylish with an old-school vibe but with new-school ethics. You can look good wearing them and feel good about wearing them.
  3. Cariuma values the environment and their craftsmen. They source high-quality materials and pay their craftsmen fair wages, all while providing safe working conditions.
  4. Often, sustainable or ethical shoes are more expensive, but Cariuma offers these classic and versatile sneakers at an affordable price point.
  5. For me, the best part about Cariuma shoes is they are 100% carbon neutral – both the shoe production and the shipping.

Cariuma sneakers close up

I cannot sing the praises of our Cariuma sneakers any more highly. Sure, we may have moved into the matchy-matchy phase of our relationship, a bit farther than our normal family traditions. But hey, we literally walked about 12 miles per day on cobbled streets and our feet were very happy!

I encourage you to check out the entire gorgeous sneaker collection and read their story. I know you’ll fall in love with their vibrant colors and styles, and find a pair (or two) that you love!

What are your favorite ethical shoe and clothing brands?

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