July 18, 2020

Systemic Racism Spotlight: Meet Vincent Rowe

Medical professionals are increasingly aware of how systemic racism and discrimination in health care affects healthcare professionals and patients. It’s time for institutions to prioritize creating a hospital environment where perpetuating discrimination against physicians or patients is unacceptable. If this doesn’t happen, racial bias will continue to harm both doctors and patients.
Meet Dr. Vincent Rowe. Dr. Rowe is the Professor…

Systemic Racism Spotlight: Meet Will Smith

In my previous article, ‘5 Ways White People Can Stand Up to Systemic Racism’, I share my plan to spotlight stories and experiences from people who are, or have been marginalized. I now realize that inaction is complicity. I share these words with deep humility, and my ​hope is these stories are thought-provoking, and spark discussions​.
I’d like you to meet Will Smith…