Up at The O2 (London) Climb

Since we are living in London for a few months, we are determined to explore this beautiful city inside and out. We were excited to have the opportunity to tick something off of our London Bucket List… we were going to climb ‘Up at The O2.’

The O2 is a large entertainment district located right next to the river Thames on the Greenwich peninsula in South East London. ‘Up at The O2’ is a guided walking experience that takes you up and over the roof of The O2 arena.

base camp at the O2 in london

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Up at The O2 Daytime Climb!

We arrived at The O2 ‘base camp’ and began to fill out the waiver (standard safety stuff for this type of thing). Then we were given special shoes and taught how to use our safety harnesses. We left our personal belongings in a locker, but we were able to bring phones in a zipped pocket to take pictures.

The guide showed us how to attach, walk and un-attach our lines, and after practicing a couple of times we were ready to go. I’m not a fan of heights, so climbing to the top of this 52 meter arena felt slightly uncomfortable.

climbing the O2 arena in london

Just so you get the idea, The O2 is a massive dome with a blue walkway suspended above the dome. The surface of the walkway was soft and unstable. It’s a bit like walking along a trampoline, and it took a few steps to get used to the instability of the path and the bouncy feeling. Regardless, we felt incredibly safe as we were attached to the safety rail the whole time. Using the harness and climbing gear does take some getting used to, but it’s not really that complicated and after a few minutes we were climbing like pros!

climbing up at the O2 arena in london with kids

The first section is the steepest with an incline of 28 degrees, but after the climb flattened out, we were treated to the most stunning views of London from every angle.

Up at The O2 viewing Platform

We reached the viewing platform, unclipped from the safety rail, and we were able to soak in the 360 degree panoramic view of London. The platform is suspended from twelve support towers; it was incredible up there on top of the world!

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views from the top of the O2 arena in London

After soaking in the views from every angle, we reattached ourselves to the guide rail and began to walk down the other side. Walking down was a lot faster and easier despite the fact that we were facing a steep incline downhill. I tried not to think of the 52 meter (170ft) height and breathed my way through any feelings of discomfort. It wasn’t long before we were back at ‘base camp’.

base camp at Up at the O2 climb in london

The experience of climbing such a tall structure was thrilling. We felt proud we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone as a family.

Can I climb Up at The O2?

  • It was incredible up there on top of the world! Up at The O2 is a great attraction for anyone visiting London and the guides are incredibly helpful and patient. If you have a sense of adventure you will enjoy this experience.
  • The climb can be booked during the day, at sunset, or at twilight for different views of London.
  • Climbers must be at least 10 years old, at least 1.2 metres tall, and weigh less than 21 stone. Under-18s must be with an adult, and there must be one adult for each two children.
  • For full details go to the Up at The O2 website

Are the climbs safe right now?

  • Up at The O2 recently reopened their doors and have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19.
  • They’ve reduced capacities on climbs and installed screens at reception desks and changing areas, so social distancing can be maintained throughout.
  • Thorough cleaning regimes have been extended, with additional hand sanitizing stations and regular deep cleans in all public areas.
  • They are only accepting contactless payments.
  • Climb shoes are thoroughly sanitized between uses and they have temporarily stopped using their climb suits. Visitors are required to wear their own suitable clothing for their climb.
  • Staff will wear face coverings and gloves throughout your visit

*** This article is sponsored but all opinions are my own***

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      ahhh thank you Nikki! I am truly trying to embrace every second I have with them… as we have seen this year… life can change in an instant!


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