10 Reasons to Visit Black Rock Lodge with Kids

The Black Rock Lodge is a magical eco-lodge committed to offering a fully sustainable experience in the San Ignacio area of Belize. This stunning 250 acre rainforest location sits on the banks of the Macal River in the middle of the jungle, filled with birds, monkeys, spiders, lizards and other tropical animals. It’s a magical eco-resort nestled in the heart of the jungle in the Cayo district (interior) of Belize. With only 20-cabins, it’s an intimate experience where you get to know the manager and the staff, along with the sights and sounds of the Belize jungle.

Visiting Black Rock Lodge in Belize with kids

Here are 10 reasons to stay at the Black Rock Lodge with kids

1. Jungle Immersion

If you’re looking for a scenic rainforest experience, Black Rock Lodge is the perfect choice. Part of the adventure for our family is the 7 miles of dirt road with amazing river views on the way to the resort. It’s quite a driveway!

Entering the property through this 7-mile dirt road is magical, and felt like we were living in our own adventure movie as we avoided cows, iguanas, and coatimundis crossing the road! This daily drive made us really feel like we were exploring off the beaten path. A 4WD vehicle, or at least a small SUV, is highly recommended for this drive. It’s a bit bumpy!

2. Close to San Ignacio

Black Rock Lodge is about a 30-minute (13 mile) drive from San Ignacio. The first 7 miles is just driving to access the main paved road. But, it was to easy to access town for shopping or eating at a restaurant. It’s a very nice town if you’re looking for a change of scenery.

Jungle paths at the Black Rock Lodge, Belize

3. Jungle Living with Kids

The natural beauty of Black Rock Lodge is simply stunning, sitting in a valley with amazing views and a gorgeous river running through the middle. The cabins are all spaced out along the side of the decently-sized Macal River. Our cabin had a view of the jungle below, the river itself, and the hills, cliffs, and small mountains on the other side of the river. Wildlife is abundant, particularly with birds, howler monkeys and reptiles. And we had a few visitors come over and say “Hi” while we relaxed on our outdoor deck.

4. Peace and Quiet

The individual cabins are extremely peaceful – we felt as though we were living in our own personal meditation app as we fell asleep and woke up to the lively sounds of the jungle. It was peaceful because we never heard other people or vehicles. But the sounds of the jungle, especially the howler monkeys, are anything but quiet. It was like going outside of a city to see the stars. The sounds of the jungle surrounded us, and waking up to birds singing all around was pretty incredible.

Black Rock Lodge cabins were the right size

5. Blackrock Lodge: Bird Spotting

The Black Rock Lodge’s dining area is a huge outdoor palapa overlooking the Macal River. Nothing beats morning coffee sitting at the bar watching the river, morning mist and the birds!

The lodge offers the opportunity to spot over 390 bird species, making it a really unique location. It’s one of the few eco-lodges where you have the chance to see all three species of toucan in a single morning in all of Central America.

Morning coffee at black rock lodge

6. Organic, Eco-Friendly Meals

The food and drinks are delicious with plenty of menu options for breakfast and lunch. Dinner each night is served family style at 7pm with a fixed menu selected earlier in the day. We enjoyed fresh organic meals made with local ingredients by kind and friendly staff. Most of the ingredients are grown onsite and the variety of fresh food was wonderful.

Natural, organic food in at the Black Rock Lodge, Belize

7. Hiking and Exploring

The activities on-site are another highlight. We spent a full day wandering around the property, checking out birds and the great views. We went tubing on the river and relaxing by the natural spring water pool.

There’s ample unguided hiking around the lodge, on both sides of the river. We saw lots of wildlife in the rainforest – coatimundis, howler monkeys, iguanas, spiders, snakes, and various lizards, bats, and birds. There are mosquitoes (everywhere) just waiting to chomp on sweet human meat, so I highly recommend you bring plenty of bug spray.

The natural spring water pool at the black rock lodge

8. Private Tours with Kids

Black Rock Lodge offers a variety of tours which include guides and drivers. The staff and guides are exceptional and eager to share their vast knowledge of the area. On morning birding tour, you’ll be accompanied by a naturalist birding-guide. Along the walk into the jungle, you’ll have the opportunity see all 3 species of toucans, the olive-throated parakeet, both lineated and pale-bill woodpeckers, vultures,  tanagers, and so many more birds of all colors and sizes.

The ‘Night Insect Hike’ was the highlight for the boys, (who knew a family of tarantulas were living close to our cabin!!) It’s a headlamp-only tour after dark, and our guide knew where all of the creepy-crawly animals lived. The kids love it.

9. Central Location

Black Rock Lodge is the perfect central location in the Cayo district of Belize, also known as the Mayan jungle. It’s centrally located to experience the many ruins and attractions in the area, and not to far from the Guatemalan border, where you can visit the Mayan temple of Tikal.

We visited many Mayan sites, including the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (ATM Cave) as well as temples Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, and Caracol. Don’t forget to bring your bathing suits and stop at the Rio On Pools on the drive back from Caracol. Your kids will love the natural pools and rock “water slide”.

The Green Iguana Conservation Project is also a fun few hours right in San Ignacio. It’s an iguana breeding program, and you can hold iguanas or put them on your shoulder.

Black rock lodge - river views

10. Eco-Lodge Sustainability

Sustainability is a priority at Black Rock Lodge and it’s completely off-the-grid. Since 1989 they’ve implemented the most advanced systems of electricity generation, wastewater treatment, waste reduction, resource generation, and recycling. It’s an incredibly eco-conscious jungle resort that prides itself on its self-sufficiency, producing its own food and energy, and focuses on conservation and preservation of (and giving back to) its surrounding environment.

11. Bonus: The Black Rock Lodge is Affordable

The Black Rock Lodge is very affordable, under $150 USD per night for a Standard Cabin. When you consider the privacy, the spacious cabins, and the incredible property, it’s an amazing value. There are multiple cabin classes to choose from at different prices. We really enjoyed the Riverview Deluxe cabins which are a bit more expensive. But, we know that similar lodges can run $300-$500 USD per night, and that’s far beyond what most families with kids are looking for. Affordability is just more reason the Black Rock Lodge is a great place to stay in Belize with kids.

While you’re staying at the Lodge, you might want to check out some other local tours off the property. There are a few different choices. We recommend taking a tour to explore the ATM caves nearby. There’s also a tour to Tikal in Guatemala, but we didn’t want to worry about the border crossing. The Caracol ruins aren’t too far, and were very cool – you could wander up and down all of the Mayan pyramids on a remote but really large city site.

Our stay at the Black Rock Lodge with kids will forever be etched into our hearts.

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