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I love Mother’s Day. My children are easily the greatest accomplishment of my life. Despite no longer receiving handmade picture frames lovingly made in pre-school, when my boys take time to show their appreciation, my heart literally explodes with joy. It’s no secret that Mother’s have a tough job, and we’ve been especially challenged the past two years trying to balance work, childcare, homeschooling, our children’s mental health and lost education. The bottom line is we are in crisis and we’re exhausted trying to hold everything and everyone together. We all know mom deserves to be honored EVERY day, however Mother’s Day 2022 is your opportunity to go all-out and show the special women in your life just how grateful you are for their love and devotion.

It might feel overwhelming trying to find a thoughtful gift to show how you feel, so here’s my Mother’s Day 2022 gift guide sharing some of my favorite gifts to fit all budgets.

*Some of these products may have been sent for consideration but all opinions are my own*

best mother's day gifts mersea sweater

Mer Sea Amour Sweater – $99


Mer Sea sweaters are one of my best discoveries of 2022. This sweater is soft, luxurious, and the unique design simply flows with you and is perfect for home, work or to take on your travels. It’s not bulky at all. The subtle button detailing and appliqué hearts on the elbow are fun without being too childish. The Amour sweater is SO effortlessly comfortable, stylish and warm, and perfect to slip on and wear with jeans, leggings or a dress. I could not love this more!

Soko Pamoja Personalized Cuff Bracelet – $108

This beautiful cuff bracelet is the perfect everyday piece – it’s modern and edgy. What I absolutely love about this cuff is you can add a hand-stamped message on the inside using up to four letters. I don’t know any ‘MAMA’ on the planet who would not love to receive this beautiful cuff on Mother’s Day. The cuff is handcrafted in 24k gold plated brass.

soko jewelry is sustainable and ethical and the perfect mother's day 2022 gift

Soko makes ethical jewelry in Kenya, and their modern pieces are simple yet stunning, and incorporate natural materials like hand-painted beads, reclaimed horn and bone, and recycled brass. Soko’s mission is “to work towards reducing inequality and poverty, building a healthier environment, stronger communities through the creation of high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose.”  This woman-led organization focuses on working towards reducing inequality and poverty, and building a healthy environment by providing jobs that cultivate dignity and purpose. Their hand-crafted horn bowl is extremely special and is perfect for storing their exquisite pieces.

Soko Sahani personalized chain-link necklace – $168

mother's Day 2022 gift idea - Sahani Personalized Chain Link Necklace

This modern SOKO chain link necklace is bold and personalizable. I had my necklace personalized with the letter ‘S’, and wear as a one-of-a-kind statement piece. Mostly I wear this beautiful 24 carat gold over brass piece solo, but for more fun I’ll layer with other pieces. The best part about this jewelry for me is that every piece is handcrafted responsibly by artisans in Kenya using traditional techniques.

Mother’s Day 2022 Coupon for Family Hike – $0

a hike is a great Mother's Day 2022 gift for all budgets

Time together is so precious and so fleeting. We’re all busy running in different directions (and now we’re on different continents!) it’s easy to feel disconnected. When we’re all together I feel most loved, cherished, and I want to soak in every bad joke, weird comment and dodgy smell. The gift of time may feel like you’re being a cheapskate, but I promise, mom will be thrilled if you planned a hike to spend uninterrupted time with her for Mother’s Day 2022. You get extra credit if you bring her snacks and drinks to hydrate!

TAG – Protective Bag Covers

TAG Your BAG is the Perfect Mother's Day 2022 gift

Mom’s bags are more than a fashion statement – they are with her every minute of every day, and consequently pick all sorts of germs. These TAG protective bag covers act as a ‘barrier for your carrier.’ TAG supports a cleaner lifestyle, keeping the germs and bacteria found on the bottom of our purses, backpacks, laptop, diaper, sports and so many other bags at bay! Don’t give germs a free ride™ into your home. Disposable, biodegradable TAG then toss in the recycling bin, keeping your bag protected -not to mention keeping your bag looking as good as the day you got it!

Jerome Alexander New Again 10 Piece Tool Set – $49

jerome alexander new again make up tool set

This professional-grade make up brush set has all the tools you need for flawless make-up application. The brushes are soft yet durable with cruelty-free synthetic bristles and the electroplated chrome handles feel oh so luxurious. The set includes: contour brush, large powder brush, small powder brush, blusher brush, shading brush, fluff brush, crease brush, lip brush, fan brush and eyebrow brush. They are all stored in a beautiful vegan leather roll-up case that is perfect for traveling.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets – $295

cozy earth sheets for mother's day gifts 2022

To say I’m sleep challenged is an understatement and I don’t remember the last time I slept through the night. I think I’ve found a solution and I’m so excited to share. These Cozy Earth sheets are 100% bamboo, temperature-regulating, hypoallergenic, and free of harsh chemicals. They are cool to the touch and oh so silky. And did I mention they’ve been on Oprah’s favorite things list for three years in a row – Is it weird I now think of Oprah every time I get into bed? The bamboo mattress pad/sheet combo are so soothing and cooling, and stop those hot flashes dead in their tracks. It’d be rude to keep this find all to myself, so if you’re looking to upgrade your bedding situation and want to try them, you can use code:  SAMANTHAK40 to get 40% off your purchase.

Sugar Plum Chocolate Pretzel Passion Gift Tray

mother's day 2022 gifts guide

Mom will love the Sugar Plum Chocolate Pretzel Passion Gift Tray as it’s the PERFECT blend of salty and sweet –  and the best part is that all 22 pieces are individually wrapped to stay fresh and tasty. There’s something for everyone including: chocolate-dipped pretzels, pretzel logs covered in chocolate candy pieces, chocolate sandwich cookie logs, double chocolate chip pretzels, nonpareil pretzels, M&M pretzels, and pretzels dipped in milk, dark, and white chocolate. And there is no need for wrapping since the box arrives with gorgeous presentation.

Mother’s Day 2022 Home Made Card – $0

mother's day gift guide 2021
You can’t go wrong with a homemade Mother’s Day with a heartfelt message. They are unique, one of a kind, and personal. Knowing someone has taken time to think about you and create something heartfelt is incredibly special. I cherish EVERY card my children give me and I love to look back and read their messages from previous years.

Twelve South Curve Riser – $79.99

curve riser mother's day 2022 gift guide
If you’re looking to upgrade your home office, you’ll LOVE the simple yet beautiful design of the curve riser from the minute you open the swoon-worthy Apple quality packaging. This beautiful and functional premium metal stand inspired by the MacBook, allows you to showcase and elevate an iMac, iMac Pro or external display to a more comfortable viewing height. The storage shelf gives you the ability to hold a hard drive, phone or other smaller items, and is ventilated to allow optimal airflow. The stand feels quite light, despite feeling sturdy, and the rubber soles keep everything firmly gripped in place. Say goodbye to that stiff neck.

Alignmed leggings

AlignMed Leggings 2.0 – $99 

These compression leggings and sport bra are the perfect combo of fashion and function. The powermesh panels and moisture wicking material in the leggings  is designed to fire your muscles while energizing and supporting your glutes and hamstrings. Since they are so stylish, the snug fit and soft fabric allows you to move freely and is perfect for daily wear in addition to working out.  The sport bra is designed to interact with your body supporting the alignment of the chest, neck, scapula, and spine, providing the perfect amount of tension and preventative care.

AirFly Wireless Headphone Adapter – $44.99

airfly is on my mother's day 2022 gift guide

AirFly is a wireless headphone adapter allowing the use of wireless headphones in places that only have a headphone jack like airplanes. And the best part is you can connect TWO pair of headphones, allowing you to watch a movie with your seat mate. The AirFly is easily charged using the micro USB cable giving up to 16 hours of battery life. It’s the perfect gift for Mother’s Day 2022 and for travelers!

mother's dad 2022 is perfect

Happy Mother’s Day to EVERY mother and mother figure out there! Mother’s Day 2022 may be particularly challenging to some, so whatever your circumstances, I am thinking of you this Mother’s Day.

“Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation.” —Robert A. Heinlein

What Mother’s Day 2022 gift would YOU like to receive ?

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