Complexions Contemporary Ballet: Stardust

The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in beautiful Beverly Hills exudes glamor and elegance with lavish architecture both inside and out. It’s the PERFECT place for a date night, and even more perfect for a double-date.

I was honored to see the Complexions Contemporary Ballet make their Wallis debut performing the west coast premiere of Snatched Back From the Edges, and StarDust, a ballet tribute set to the life and music of the great David Bowie.

PHOTO CREDIT : Kevin ParryBrandon Grey (center ) and (l-r) Simon Plant, Jacopo Calvo, Miguel Solano, Tim Stickney.

Dwight Rhoden choreographed this magical performance during the lockdown of the pandemic, and Snatched Back From the Edges is his interpretation and chronicle of the indomitable human spirit, in the eye of a storm. The audience is taken on an incredible journey covering a wide range of emotions. The sense of loss, isolation and racial inequity is layered into each inspiring solo, and mesmerizing ensemble number, and that message is cleverly delivered to the audience. When the curtain dropped for the intermission we were left longing for more, and thankfully we only had to wait 20 minutes.

Complexions Contemporary Ballet; PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of Complexions Contemporary Ballet
Complexions Contemporary Ballet; PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of Complexions Contemporary Ballet

StarDust pays homage to the great David Bowie and is simply packed with spectacular showmanship and emotional timeless classics that include ‘Changes,’ ‘Heroes’, and ‘Young Americans’. The performers often appeared gender-fluid and androgynous, filling the stage with vibrant colors and powerful narratives, much like Bowie himself. Their bodies effortlessly moved in complete synchronization with the music and I found myself lost in this magical Rock Opera performance. Each performer is a super-athlete, effortlessly gliding across the stage or gracefully flying through the air with powerful athleticism.

(L-R) Joe Gonzale(front), Simon Plant , Tim Stickney, Miguel Solano, Thomas Dilley, Zion Pradier, Jacopo Calvo, Brandon Grey

The pure joy on the faces of the cast and choreographers as they basked in the cheers and standing ovation, is truly the essence of why the performing arts touches your soul.

Rhoden’s performance of Complexions Contemporary Ballet delivers the message that it’s ok to be different. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your gender. We are all  special, and come in a multitude of colors, sexes, shapes and sizes. We must advocate for change and continue to propel the world forward.

Jillian Davis(far right), The Company

Bowie’s message and the way he lived his life as a chameleon seemed to predict the future. He gave a voice to many who might feel threatened with some of the current social injustices and political issues we face today.

May we all live with the courage and the dynamism of David Bowie.

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