Teatro Flamenco Sevilla (Spain)

Sevilla is the Flamenco capital of Spain and experiencing Teatro Flamenco Sevilla in the old Teatro Pathe is a must when visiting Sevilla.

Flamenco dance originated in Andalusia, southern Spain and there are three parts to the flamenco performance: the song, the guitar, and the dance. The cosy Teatro Pathe is an intimate venue in the heart of Sevilla, seating about 80 – 100 people per performance.

teatro flamenco sevilla

From the moment the guitarist, singer and dancers entered the stage, we were transfixed by their passion and emotion. The performers shared their hearts and souls with their intense and dramatic dancing, guitar and singing. The raw power of this live performance left us with goosebumps and brought us to tears. The performers captivated the entire audience with their skill and passion, working together as a team and shining a spotlight on each other’s talents and strengths throughout the evening.

teatro flamenco show

Teatro Flamenco Sevilla offers flamenco as it is meant to be – artfully performed instead of the tourist version found in some of the bars. The one hour performance was exciting, sensual and engaging from start to finish – we didn’t want it to end.

I had an opportunity to speak with the artists after their performance and was surprised to learn the group doesn’t perform together on a regular basis. “Flamenco is an art of emotions and we feel each other non-verbally, and our emotion and chemistry fuels each performance.”  The entire show left us speechless – this is a must-see show when visiting Seville!

flamenco performers in Sevilla

Booking here in advance is highly recommended as it was a full house, and you’ll be sad if you miss this. Teatro Pathe is located in the heart of Sevilla and is buzzing with plenty of options to grab tapas and drinks after the show.

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You can learn more about Teatro Flamenco Sevilla here.

teatro pathe

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