Visit Seville (Spain): 8 Fun Things to Do

Oh how I love Spain… the Spanish seem to have their work/life balance down to perfection, and our time spent to visit Seville validates how much we love this culture. Seville is famous for its enormous Catedral and the city is filled with orange scented courtyards, and stunning Mudejar architecture oozing with history. We stumbled upon interesting neighborhoods humming with the hustle of Spanish life, scenic parks, and delightful boutiques… and of course delectable tapas bars.

Seville boasts a particularly vibrant nightlife, and we found Flamenco bars, jazz clubs, and tapas bars, all hidden in unexpected cozy plazas.

8 Best Things to Do When you Visit Seville

1. Visit the Alcázar Palace

The Réal Alcazar (Royal Alcazar) is a remarkable structure, originally built on the site of a Muslim fortress. The royal family still uses the second floor as a residence today. Pro tip –  be sure to reserve tickets ahead of time, or, even better, book a personalized skip-the-line tour.  Also, Mondays have free hourly entry.

Real Alcazar of Sevilla - Opening Times, Price and Location

2. Catedral de Seville and La Giralda

Catedral de Sevilla sits on a former mosque in the city center and is the largest gothic building in Europe. The Catedral has over 40 chapels and impressive architecture throughout. The cathedral is available for mass and is open regularly to visitors who visit Seville.

cathedral in Seville

La Giralda is the tallest landmark in Seville and is adjacent to the Catedral. There are no stairs in La Girada, instead there are about 40 ramps winding to the top that offers sweeping views of the city. La Giralda is one of the world’s longest-surviving minarets from the 12th century Berber-Muslim Almohad Dynasty.

la giralda in Seville

views from the top of the Seville Cathedral - visit seville

3. Roam around Plaza de Espana when you visit Seville

Plaza de España has one of the most picturesque views in the city and is a buzzing with activity and charm. The 540,000-square-foot Plaza is packed with tapas bars, street performers and restaurants. You can even rent boats to row around the canal.

In the center there’s a huge mosaic patio with a canal, a fountain and four foot bridges. The detailed artwork and architecture in the Plaza de España is intricate and interesting, and the impressive blue tile work is a treat.

4. Take in a Flamenco Show

Seville is the Flamenco capital of Spain and there are many Flamenco shows to enjoy, from impromptu performances in local bars to unique theaters dedicated to the art of Flamenco dancing.

flamenco in seville

The powerful  Teatro Flamenco Sevilla show is magical and you can read about that in detail here. Flamenco dance originated in Andalusia, and there are three parts to each flamenco performance: the song, the guitar, and the dance. The dancers are mesmerizing as they balance power, passion and calm. Do not miss catching a show when you visit Sevilla.

5. Climb Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol is known to locals as Las Setas (The Mushrooms), and is one of Seville’s iconic landmarks.

Metropol Parasol seville

It’s basically a huge honeycomb sunshade and it claims to be the world’s largest wooden-framed structure. This stunning structure is three blocks long and at night it comes alive when it’s lit up with a light show offering incredible city views. It’s the perfect spot to stop for a coffee as you visit Seville.

best things to do in seville

6.  Enjoy the Tapas 

We ate our way through the city! Seville should be at the top of any foodies travel list. Tapas are tasty and inexpensive in Seville, and there’s literally hundred’s of tapas bars to choose from.

tapas in seville

Our tapas of choice are Iberian jamon, Spinach with Garbanzo beans, Patatas Bravas and croquettes, washed down with a cold local beer or a glass of local wine. There are plenty of tapas food tasting tours available, but you honestly can just wander into tapas bars yourself to sample the the many different types of cuisine.

7. Explore Barrio Santa Cruz

Barrio Santa Cruz is a neighborhood close to the cathedral. Barrio Santa Cruz is filled with narrow streets and interesting shops, bars and restaurants. The quaint Plaza de la Santa Cruz is a small yet charming square filled with Spanish culture.

exploring Sevilla

8. Visit Mercado de Triana

Mercado de Triana is a large local market filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat.

Local cafes serve tapas fresh from the market for a farm to table experience. It’s located in the Triana quarter near the bridge and the river, which is a great place to sit and soak in the culture.

Mercado de Triana in Seville

We love Seville! Seville stays true to its historical and cultural mix of architecture and cafe culture. The city is beautiful, people are kind, the weather is perfect and I love that most people get around the city by foot or riding a bike. The locals are mostly smiling and enjoying life – although if I lived in Seville I’d be smiling every day too!

What are your favorite things to do when you visit Seville?

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