InBrace®: Orthodontic Treatment for my Dream Smile

I am officially ‘InBraced’!  What is InBrace® you ask?  Well… let me share.  I’ve noticed as I’ve been… ahem… aging… that my lower teeth have become more crooked. I’ve spent countless dollars and hours of time on my children’s’ teeth making sure their pearly whites are perfect, and of course my orthodontic needs slipped to the bottom of the list.

teeth straigntening

Each time I contemplated some type of teeth straightening for myself, it felt decadent. And there always seemed to be a more pressing need for monthly funds (I’m looking at you club soccer, hospital visits and MRIs from sports injuries!) It was hard to find time for the monthly maintenance that goes with teeth straightening. Also, I’ll admit I’m a bit vain, and the thought of a year with a mouth full of unsightly metal didn’t sound great, either.

InBrace® teeth straightening and orthodontics

That all changed as soon as I discovered InBrace®. InBrace® is a treatment created by orthodontists to allow patients to straighten their teeth with minimal maintenance, and no unsightly brackets, so they can live their lives without anything getting in the way.

To get started I visited InStudio Orthodontics in Irvine to get my Toothprint™. This is basically a 3D image of my mouth and it’s used to personalize my Smartwire® for my desired results.

InBrace orthodontic treatment

After the Toothprint™, InBrace and the InStudio team worked together to CoDesign the smile I was trying to achieve.

InBrace® works to CoDesign your smile

We took many pictures and x-rays to help create my new perfect smile. It’s an extremely precise process, and technology is used each step of the way.

InBrace® technology

My Smartwire® was simple to fit – it took about an hour. It’s designed to sit discreetly behind my teeth. My Smartwire® is programmed with Gentleforce® technology and voila… my teeth are gently moving into place over time to create my perfect smile.

Smartwire fitting for orthodontics

It’s working 24/7 to self-adjust and straighten my teeth, without embarrassing wires or inconvenient aligners. The best part is during this time I’ll be able to eat, drink and care for my teeth as I normally would.

InBrace technology to straighten teeth

Full disclosure, it did take me a couple of weeks to get used to having my Smartwire® in my mouth. But knowing my permanent gorgeous smile was just months away offset any discomfort.

orthodontics for adults - InBrace®

I mean, it’s honestly as simple as that! My teeth are basically straightening on autopilot. I have no monthly tightening, just a quick visit every 8-10 weeks to ensure my Smartwire® is doing its job!

I know you’re probably thinking that this magical solution is super expensive. You’ll be thrilled to hear that InBrace® pricing is aligned (pardon the pun) with traditional braces and aligners, AND is covered by most insurance plans. I’m thrilled to partner with the InBrace® team to offer YOU $500 off your own treatment. You can find that offer here.

I’m told my perfect smile should take approximately 10 months and until then, I’m going to watch my Smartwire® self-adjust and sing from the rooftops about this magical teeth straightening solution. You can learn all about this brand and this technology on their website here to prioritize YOUR smile too.


***This article was sponsored but all opinions are my own***

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