Visit Brugge: 5 Magical Things to Experience

As we welcome our new phase of life as empty nesters, we discovered ‘Emptynestcation’s’ are a thing… and we’re enthusiastically on board! We recently traveled to visit Brugge, a beautiful historic city in Belgium that is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, often referred to as the “Venice of the North.”

things to do in Brugge in Belgium

Bruges is the French spelling and Brugge is the Flemish spelling (FYI Belgium is a trilingual country with French, Flemish, and German speaking regions) so you’ll often see the spelling fluctuate. I’ve chosen to go with the Flemish spelling.

Here are five reasons to visit Brugge now:

1. Brugge canals and the Lake of Love

Brugge is famous for its network of canals that crisscross the city, and we loved exploring the unique and picturesque old cobbeled streets. Each canal is flanked by medieval buildings, churches and architecture and you can get lost in the history.

Bruges Canals

Visitors are able to take boat tours and explore Brugge from the water, to get the perspective of this magical city from the canals.

lake of love in Bruges, Belgium

2. Medieval architecture

Some of the best-preserved medieval buildings in Europe, including Gothic-style churches, market squares, and residential houses can be found in Brugge.

Enjoy the Historic Architecture at NH Brugge

As we walked miles around the city we discovered the city is filled with awe-inspiring buildings and architecture around every corner.

medieval architecture in Brugge

3. Visit Brugge for the food and drink

Brugge is well-known for its tasty cuisine, including delicious Belgian waffles, chocolate, and beer. (of which we sampled plenty!) Traditional Belgian pubs and cafes can be found all over the city and especially surrounding the pedestrianized market square. It’s the perfect place to order a beer, grab a chair and people-watch.

Moules frites (Mussels and French Fries) and Belgium Beer are one of the local specialties!

4. Picturesque streets and squares

Brugge is filled with charming and picturesque streets and squares, such as the Markt square and the Burg square, which are surrounded by historic buildings, and are a popular gathering place. From the cobbled narrow roads to the bustling squares, Brugge is filled with charming sights and sounds.

brugge Belgium is the perfect weekend break

5. Visit Brugge: it’s easy to get around!

Brugge is the perfect base to explore other cities in Belgium. Ghent is 30 minutes away from Brugge by train and is a beautiful city with a lot of history and culture. Antwerp is about 90 minutes away by train and is famous for its diamonds and art galleries. Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and is about an hour from Brugge by train, and it’s just a short train ride to the beautiful Belgium coast. So there are plenty of options.

European cities that are easy to get around

Brugge offers a charming and romantic atmosphere, rich cultural heritage, and loads of historic streets to explore. We stayed at the charming NH Brugge Hotel, and I’d highly recommend it when you visit Brugge.

ideas for a weekend away in Europe

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Are you planning to visit Brugge?

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