Cheers to 8 Years Cancer-Free!

Eight years cancer-free…and counting!

Maybe my body is finally realizing that we’re in this together and it should stop failing me. It feels like both a lifetime and a blink of an eye all at once since I heard those dreaded words “I’m afraid it’s cancer”. It was a wild ride, and not the good kind… more like a runaway train with no brakes going downhill. So much has happened in those 8 years – surgeries, treatments, scans, and more appointments than I could ever count.

breast cancer survivor! 8 years cancer-free

I’ve learned to appreciate the little things in life more than ever: the taste of good coffee and chocolate, morning sunrises, and the sound of the rain. These mundane things all feel so important to me now. The simple act of waking up in the morning and feeling healthy is a feeling I’ll never take for granted again, after so many mornings when I couldn’t get out of bed and needed help dressing and brushing my hair.

The mere thought of not being there for my boys was unbearable. But now, looking back on that dark time, I’m filled with relief and gratitude. Being a mother is both the hardest and most rewarding job in the world, and I am so grateful that I get to continue doing it.

Cancer sucks. Being cancer-free is still worrying, but it's much better.

I sometimes joke that I’m like a cockroach, impossible to kill off. But all I know is “I’m Still Standing” to quote Sir Elton John. I’m not just standing, I’m thriving! The fear and uncertainty still linger in my mind, even after all these years. But then I take a deep breath, smile, and confidently march towards the next milestone, knowing that I’ve got this.

breast cancer - 8 years after surgery

I do realize that my journey is far from over, and that life is fragile and not guaranteed. But for now, I’m content to bask in the joy of this milestone and to celebrate the life that I’ve built.

So, cheers to 8 years cancer-free – here’s hoping the odds may forever be in my favor and I survive another 8 (or more) years, despite my questionable love for tequila and red wine!

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  1. Hot Hubby | 27th Mar 23

    This is a big day and I’m so proud of you, I really admire your strength and the positive attitude you maintained year in and year out. You are amazing!

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