Parenting Tips: From Chaos to Calm

In a world filled with noise and the constant demands of everyday life, finding a moment of calm can feel impossible. I recently had the opportunity to spend an evening with parenting author, Jenna Hermans who shared her parenting tips on how to achieve a calm and centered life amidst the chaos that often surrounds us.

Aja Vineyards in Malibu has the perfect rose

We sipped on a crisp summer Rosé provided by the family owned Aja Vineyards in Malibu, while Jenna shared her wisdom and parenting tips to help us take life from chaos to calm. The Rosé was the perfect complement to the evening since the award winning Aja Vineyards are located in the serene nature of the Santa Monica mountains, just a stones throw away from the chaos of Los Angeles life.

embark on a minimalist lifestyle

Jenna Hermans is a Forbes’ “mindfulness guru” and a best selling parenting tips author, and she shared a panel with Shira Gill, author of Minimalista and Anita Yokota, author of Home Therapy for a lively discussion on parenting, and the steps suggested to declutter, transform and organize your life.

parenting tips for all ages

Anita expertly moderated the Q&A session with Shira and Jenna and it was the perfect combo of fun, guidance and the audience left the event feeling empowered with a renewed sense of calm and purpose. I left the event feeling as though I need to spring clean my empty nest in the spirit of Minimalista, embark on some Home Therapy from Anita, and practice transforming my family from Chaos to Calm.

Whether you’re seeking parenting tips or simply trying to ‘let go of the noise’ and find a reprieve from the overwhelming demands of modern life, these three books are a great place to start that journey.

best books for parenting tips and a minimalist home

What are YOUR best parenting tips for a calm home?

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