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ABBA Voyage in London • My Travelling Circus

ABBA Voyage in London

Mamma Mia, here I go again! If you’re an ABBA fan and love concerts, you MUST check out ABBA Voyage in London. We recently enjoyed a night to remember!

The tube in London was buzzing with excitement with bellbottoms and people showcasing their best 70’s and disco clothing. Slightly surreal, normal commuteres disappeared as we made our way to the ABBA Voyage Arena. The arena (and it seems like the tube stop) was specially built for this groundbreaking hologram tour showcasing perhaps the biggest pop band of all time. As fans of all ABBA’s hits, we couldn’t wait to see what this unique concert was all about.

ABBA Voyage - the concert arena from the tube

This cutting-edge performance brings ABBA back to the stage through state-of-the-art holographic technology, offering an immersive experience that transcends the traditional concert format.

We were able to take photos outside the arena and inside the arena concourse, however there’s a STRICT no photo policy once you are inside the arena to keep the contents of the concert a secret. The arena was filled with dazzling lights, and fans of all ages gathered to celebrate the band’s legacy.

This London concert will never get old: ABBA Voyage

The ABBA concert in London is fab and so festive!

We had tickets to the dance floor since we figured we wouldn’t spend any time sitting in our seats! The lights dimmed and the totally-lifelike holograms of Agnetha, Björn, Benny, and Frida took the stage, accompanied by a live band. The production was top-notch with stunning visuals and the impressive choreography (both the holograms and the live band) entertained us for a 90-minute show. We especially loved how they seamlessly incorporated classic ABBA footage into the performance. From “Dancing Queen” to “Mamma Mia” and everything in between, we were transported back in time to an era of pure musical brilliance. They even pulled off seamless costume changes in an original way.

Seeing a concert is a must-do London experience, especially ABBA

We sang our hearts out and busted out our best disco moves as we relived the golden age of ABBA. Sharing this fun night with Julian and his girlfriend was extra special, although I think they are still slightly traumatized by Hot Hubby’s disco-dancing moves. The night flew by, and when the final notes of ‘The Winner Takes it All’ began to play, the whole arena was belting out the lyrics and begging for more.

Mamma Mia! London

Four ABBA Voyage Concert Tips

While the main attraction is undoubtedly the music and digital wizardry, there are a few lesser-known facts and tips that can enhance your ABBA Voyage adventure:

Behind-the-Scenes Tour

A little-known offering is the possibility of a behind-the-scenes tour. This exclusive tour can give you a sneak peek into the technology and creative process behind the concert. You’ll learn how the digital versions of Agnetha, Björn, Benny, and Anni-Frid were brought to life, making your experience even more memorable. It’s a fascinating insight into the blend of artistry and technology that revives ABBA for a new generation.

ABBA Voyage Exhibition

Adjacent to the concert venue, there’s an inspired curated exhibition that dives deep into the legacy of ABBA. This exhibition features rare memorabilia, personal items from the band members, and interactive displays that narrate the group’s journey from their Eurovision beginnings to global stardom. It’s a hidden gem that provides context and enriches your understanding and appreciation of the music you’re about to experience. Make sure to allocate time before or after the concert to explore this treasure trove of ABBA history.

Themed Dining Experiences

Around the venue, there are occasionally pop-up dining experiences or ABBA-themed eateries that offer a taste of Sweden along with dishes inspired by the band’s personal favorites. These dining spots create a full sensory experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the ABBA atmosphere before heading to the concert. From Swedish meatballs to more contemporary Nordic cuisine, it’s an excellent way to start your evening. Some restaurants might even play ABBA hits, setting the mood and getting you in the spirit for the Voyage ahead.

Food and Beverage

You can purchase food and drinks for consumption inside the venue, but you can’t take your own inside. There’s a heavy security contingent at the door. I recommended a bit of pre-partying before arriving because everything inside is 2x-3x normal prices.

Maximizing Your ABBA Voyage

Here are some other suggestions to make the most out of your ABBA Voyage concert experience:

  • Book in Advance – Given the uniqueness of the concert, tickets can sell out quickly. Early booking ensures you don’t miss out and might also give you access to early bird perks.
  • Dress Up – Embrace the ABBA spirit by dressing up in 70s attire. It adds an extra layer of fun to the experience and makes for great photos and memories.

Embarking on the ABBA Voyage in London isn’t just about attending a concert; it’s about stepping into a piece of musical history reimagined for the modern era. The magic of ABBA Voyage in London concert is a reminder of the power of music that brings people closer together.

If you get the chance to attend this awesome concert, don’t hesitate to get tickets here; grab your friends, and let the ABBA nostalgia sweep you off your feet!

Have you seen ABBA Voyage in London?

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