London on a Budget: SeaLife Aquarium and London Eye

As any family traveler knows, exploring a new city can quickly add up in terms of expenses. However, the SeaLife Aquarium and London Eye have multi-attraction tickets. This option can be a game-changer when it comes to seeing London on a budget. By bundling these two iconic experiences together, you are able to enjoy significant discounts compared to purchasing individual tickets for each attraction.

Visit the London Eye and SeaLife Aquarium

In addition, you have the convenience of a combined ticket. That means less time spent in queues and more time enjoying the sights of London. You’re able to plan your day efficiently, ensuring you have plenty of time to explore both attractions without feeling rushed.

The SeaLife Aquarium and London Eye multi-attraction ticket offers an unbeatable combo of family fun and panoramic city views, all while providing significant savings.

Let’s dive into the details of why these tickets are the perfect choice for families to see some of the best sights in London on a budget.

SeaLife Aquarium London is a fun way to see London on a budget

Exploring the SeaLife Aquarium

The SeaLife Aquarium is like a magical underwater paradise with over 600 species of sea creatures swimming around in more than 2 million liters of water! What’s special about the SeaLife Aquarium is that it is educational AND immersive. We came face to face with huge sharks, graceful jellyfish, and the cutest penguins. There are interactive exhibits, informative talks, and feeding sessions, offering an engaging experience that blends entertainment with conservation awareness.

SeaLife Aquarium, London

For a more personalized day, you can book a behind-the-scenes tour if you’d like to get a little closer to the marine life. Or, you can simply connect with one of the many friendly expert hosts who are more than happy to share more information. I recommend you pack lightly since there are no lockers once you are inside for storage,

beautiful jellyfish

It’s centrally located on the SouthBank very close to the London Eye and walking distance from Waterloo tube station, so this multi-attraction ticket is super convenient.

Take a Whirl on The London Eye

The London Eye is an iconic wheel that offers stunning 360-degree panoramic views of the city’s skyline from the comfort of a climate-controlled glass capsule for a 30-minute ride (one complete rotation.) The London Eye attracts more than 3.75 million visitors each year, and for good reason. From the top, you’re able to spot famous landmarks like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and many more.

the multi - attraction ticket is great for families to save money

The gentle rotation of the London Eye’s glass pods offers a smooth and steady ride. You can capture the heart and soul of the city from every angle. The capsules are actually quite spacious once you’re inside. You can walk around and see the city and won’t feel cramped or trapped.

views from the London Eye multi attraction tickets

Whether you catch it during a sunny day or witness the city lights twinkling at night or sunset, the experience is magical. It’s a memorable way to see London in all its glory from a whole new perspective, and a must-do when you visit London.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Multi-Attraction Experience

To fully prepare for your SeaLife Aquarium and London Eye experience, consider these helpful tips:

  • Plan ahead –  Check the opening hours of both attractions and arrive early to beat the crowds, and be sure to schedule your visits online to avoid disappointment. The closest tube stations are Waterloo (5 minute walk) and Embankment (8 minute walk).

views of Big Ben from the London Eye

  • Capture memories –  Don’t forget capture cherished family moments that matter, but also remember to put the camera away once you have your pictures and soak in the moment.

things to do in London as a family

  • Interact with the exhibits –  Encourage your children to participate in interactive exhibits at the SeaLife Aquarium. They are fun AND educational!
  • Time your day around the London Eye experience – Aim for a ride on the London Eye during sunset or later in the day if possible, to witness London’s skyline beautifully illuminated. We rode at 4pm and saw the most incredible views despite the rain. Of course, London weather is unpredictable so be prepared to soak in (ha, see what I did there) whatever views you get.

view of the BT Tower - its visible from everywhere

  • Visiting the London Eye – Visit the 4D cinema experience before your ride. This is an interactive way to learn about the history of London and the London Eye. The London Eye is wheelchair-accessible, however, children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

See London on a Budget

The SeaLife Aquarium and London Eye multi-attraction ticket is an even better deal. It offers families the perfect opportunity to explore London’s underwater world and the impressive views from the sky. So, if you’re planning a family trip to London, be sure to grab tickets here, and plan to see London on a budget.

pose for pictures on family trips to London

We’re pretty familiar with London, having lived in this great city recently. You can get some more ideas from these articles: 48 Hours in London: A Perfect 2-Day Itinerary and 10 Best Museums in London. There are many other ways to see London on a budget!

Happy Travels!

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