Women Supporting Women in The South Bay, Los Angeles

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but following Barbie, Taylor, and Beyonce, it seems like this summer is all about badass women. To celebrate another trip around the sun, I opened the doors of my home in the South Bay of Los Angeles in beautiful Hermosa Beach to spend the afternoon with a group of truly amazing women supporting women.

This gathering was about more than cake and presents; it was a celebration of women in business. I also wanted to shine a spotlight on some incredible female entrepreneurs who enrich our local South Bay community with their passion and hard work.

Women supporting women: Women who lunch in Hermosa Beach

We were reminded that when we see women supporting women, incredible things happen, and that we are stronger together. In the South Bay, there are many small female-owned businesses that exude passion, creativity, and a commitment to excellence. I wanted to introduce my friends to these amazing local businesses, to support them in their quest for success. Strong women don’t compete with each other; they empower one another.

Gum Tree Shop and Cafe

Lori Ford (along with her husband Will), is the powerhouse behind Gum Tree LA in Hermosa and Manhattan Beach, and is the epitome of a badass female business owner.

Gum Tree in Hermosa and Manhattan Beach is the perfect place for gifts and entertaining

Gum Tree in Hermosa Beach is a one-stop shop. These amazing stores offering an array of unique gifts, beach home decor, gorgeous entertaining essentials, and a delicious café experience, all under one roof. Lori curates items that effortlessly cater to the diverse tastes of her customers, and Gum Tree’s charm is not only in the historical building and eclectic selection but also in its inviting atmosphere that oozes coastal elegance and warmth.

elegant beach gifts and decor at gum tree in Hermosa Beach

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift, tasteful home decor, or provisions for a memorable meal, Gum Tree has it all thoughtfully arranged for your convenience. But what truly sets Lori apart is her unwavering commitment to the community.

Her involvement in local events and community service shows that she’s not just in it for profit – she genuinely cares about the people she serves. Lori Ford’s strength, creativity, and heart make her a true inspiration for aspiring businesswomen everywhere.

Cultured Slice and the Cheese Shop

In the heart of Hermosa Beach, Cultured Slice and the Cheese Shop are both truly works of art when it comes to delicious food. Cultured Slice was founded by French­-Italian born Solange Comer, who has had a lifelong passion for cheese and quality foods. Solange has blended her love for fine food into a thriving local business.

Cultured Slice is a woman-owned business in Hermosa Beach - charcuterie board art

Her stunning charcuterie boards and boxes are not just an assortment of delectable treats and fine foods, but a work of edible art. Cultured Slice serves quality, hard-to-find, artisan and gourmet cheeses from around the world and a variety of delicious pairings to compliment them. The European-inspired shop includes a personal service counter, as well as a grocery and gift area.

Cultured slice is the best place to buy cheese and charcuterie boards in hermosa and manhattan beach

Solange’s journey from a cheese enthusiast to the proud owner of Cultured Slice is a testament to the power of unwavering determination. Her charcuterie boards are a beautiful blend of flavors, textures, and colors, delighting ALL of your senses, bringing people together. By curating the finest ingredients and infusing each board with a touch of her artistic flair, Solange creates gifts and boards that are perfect for any occasion.

Sugar Dayne Cookies

The minute you step into Sugar Dayne Cookies you are transported to a world of sweetness and nostalgia. Katy Metoyer has turned her passion for expressing herself and healing into a lovely way to bond with cookie enthusiasts and create the most beautiful and unique cookies you have ever seen. Katy’s commitment to baking artistic homemade cookies with love and warmth has made Sugar Dayne a cherished spot in Hermosa Beach.

Sugar Dayne Cookies in Hermosa Beach supports women

Katy is a self-admitted work in progress. But with each bite of a Sugar Dayne cookie, you savor the simple joys of life. Katy’s dedication to her craft shines through in each batch, reminding us that the best things in life come from the heart and are shared with those we love.

sugardayne cookies in hermosa beach are delicious

Katy consistently shows her dedication to the Hermosa Beach community by regularly volunteering her time (and delicious cookies) and actively participating in events like the recent Glow Ride for Cystic Fibrosis event.


LINK x LOU® makes special jewelry that’s forever and secure. You’re able to pick the type of chain that matches your style in both 14k white or yellow gold, and the metal is connected together to make bracelets, necklaces, anklets, or rings without tricky clasps.
Linklou permanent jewelery supports women
The chains are pretty and tough, so you can wear them without worry. If you want a meaningful present for yourself or someone you care about, LINK x LOU® offers easy, hassle-free jewelry. It’s great for people who want to sparkle, sweat, or have sensitive skin.
The women were linked with LinkLou permanent jewelry in Hermosa Beach
LINK x LOU® is offered in cities across the US through private parties and pop-ups and when you buy from them, they also give back to local groups in the area.


JulesLosAngeles, owns a private label clothing brand offering clothes that are just right for travel and vacations. She’s a mom, a successful businesswoman, real, and she builds her personal and business relationships based on feelings and connections. The fabrics she uses are soft and feminine, giving her pieces a classy, timeless, and comfy feel.

JulesLos Angeles - Sara Dress

Everything is super comfy and easy to travel with. The Sara dress I’m wearing is versatile and perfect for a casual luncheon in my home barefoot, or if I throw on a pair of heels I’m ready for a formal soiree.

Women supporting women is a beautiful thing.. find your tribe and hold them close

In the South Bay Community, businesses like Cultured Slice, Gum Tree LA, Link x Lou, JulesLosAngeles, and SugarDayne inspire me, and show that when you mix dreams with passion and strength, incredible things happen. I also know that when women stand together and help other women, magic happens. I’m thrilled to share the accomplishments of these hardworking women, and could not be more proud to call them my friends.

women supporting women is wonderful

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back

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