10 Best Places to Travel With Kids In 2024

In 2024, the world is more accessible than ever, offering families incredible opportunities to explore, learn, and grow together. Traveling with kids is not just about the destinations but the experiences that shape young minds, cultivate curiosity, and foster understanding. I’ve curated my top 10 best places to travel with kids that promise adventure, education, and unforgettable memories for your entire family.

From ancient ruins to natural wonders, these places to visit with kids are sure to captivate the hearts and minds of young explorers.

The Amazing Taj Mahal with Kids

1. Taj Mahal, India

Visiting the Taj Mahal with kids is life-changing!  A symbol of eternal love and one of the world’s most beautiful monuments, the Taj Mahal offers a magical introduction to India’s rich history and architectural beauty, making it a perfect educational adventure for families. This is one of the most incredible man-made buildings built anywhere at any time. This entire white marble structure is entirely symmetrical – both in structure and decoration. One gem-inlaid flower on the left is exactly the same on the right. The precision and the beauty of the craftsmanship is simply outstanding. And the Taj looks like it’s hovering on the horizon, no matter what time of the day you visit. The Taj Mahal is truly an architectural masterpiece that can’t be described even with vivid photos. It’s our favorite wonder of the world, and it’s simply incredible.

Travelling to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal usually means either travelling to Mumbai or Delhi first. Both cities are impressive in their own way, and are gateways to a different way of life. In fact, taking any trip from the USA or Europe to India is going to be an adventure, as the culture of India is so unlike most Western countries. Taking your kids to India means showing them opposites – lower-caste people living in makeshift tents, with 5-start opulent hotels literally across the street. There is a huge gap in opportunity, in education, in wealth, and in choice across India. A family trip to any city is an eye-opening experience and will make you and your kids appreciate everything so much more when you return home.

Ten best places to travel with kids - Machu Picchu, Peru

2. Machu Picchu, Peru

The ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu is one of the 10 best places to travel with kids as it stands as a testament to human ingenuity, nestled high in the Andes. It’s an unforgettable journey into history and a great way to inspire a love for exploration and archaeology. Read my article Machu Picchu with Kids: 5 Tips for You! for travel details and some inspiration.

The journey to this ancient Incan city can be as exciting as the destination itself, with options to take a scenic train ride or embark on a days-long hike. Exploring the ruins is a thrilling adventure, offering lessons in history and archaeology.

Visit Easter Island with kids. Also known as Rapa Nui, it's one of the 10 best places to visit with kids in 2024

3. Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island (Rapa Nui) is an open-air museum of monolithic statues known as moai, set against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. For families fascinated by mysteries, Easter Island and its mysterious Moai statues offer a unique exploration into the ancient Polynesian culture and the island’s stunning natural beauty. Read my article Easter Island with Kids: 5 Reasons to Visit for inspiration on why this is one of the 10 best places to travel with kids.  This remote island offers families a unique opportunity to explore archaeological sites and Moai, learn about Polynesian culture, and enjoy pristine beaches. It’s a place of mystery and adventure that will spark the imagination of young explorers.

Visit Angkor Wat with Kids – it’s Magical!

4. Angkor Wat: A Great Place to Travel with Kids

The temple complex at Angkor Wat, Cambodia is the largest religious monument in the world. It’s a testament to the ingenuity of the Khmer Empire. Exploring this ancient temple complex allows families to step back in time, discovering hidden passageways, intricate carvings, and serene faces of Bayon. The nearby town of Siem Reap is also family-friendly, with cultural shows, markets, and a variety of cuisines to enjoy.

Visit Angkor Wat with Kids – it’s Magical! Discover the beautiful people and the awe-inspiring temples of Cambodia, including the world-renowned Angkor Wat. It’s a magical place where history comes to life, offering lessons in culture, architecture, and the resilience of civilizations.

2024 is a great year to visit Barcelona with kids

5. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a playground of interesting architecture, vibrant markets, and sandy beaches. It’s a city that perfectly blends cultural richness with fun, making it an ideal destination for families seeking a diverse experience. And if your kids love soccer, that’s a huge bonus!  Read Barcelona with Kids: 5 Must-See Things for inspiration. The whimsical works of Antoni Gaudí, especially Park Güell, fascinate children with their fairytale-like designs. The city’s magic fountains and interactive science museums provide entertainment and education in equal measure, making Barcelona a must-visit for families.

London perpetually one of the 10 best places to travel with kids every year

6. London, England

Spend 48 hours in London and discover the endless attractions this historic and dynamic city offers. From the Tower of London to the magic of the West End, there’s something for everyone, and this beautiful city is sure to capture the imagination of every child.

London’s history, culture, and iconic landmarks make it an endlessly fascinating destination for families. With attractions like the Harry Potter Studio Tour, The Aquarium,  the Science Museum, and the Tower of London, there’s something to capture the imagination of every child. The city’s parks offer ample space for picnics and play, ensuring a balanced trip of learning and leisure. Here are 7 reasons to visit London with kids.

Tips For Camping In The Sahara Desert With Kids

7. Camping in Morocco

Camping in Morocco with kids offers an adventure under the stars, riding camels through the Sahara, and exploring ancient cities. It’s an extraordinary way to immerse your family in the rich tapestry of Moroccan culture and landscapes. Read Tips for Camping in the Sahara Desert with Kids for inspiration on why this is one of our 10 best places to travel with kids in 2024. Ride camels into the sunset, enjoy traditional Berber storytelling under the stars, and explore the Atlas Mountains. This adventure promises to be an unforgettable experience, connecting your entire family with nature and a rich culture.

8 Tips for Planning an African Safari With Kids

8. Safari in South Africa

A Safari in South Africa with your family is one of those bucket trips that will last in your hearts forever. South Africa is home to the famous Big Five (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo), among many other species like cheetahs. Seeing these magnificent animals in their natural habitat is a thrilling experience that cannot be replicated in any zoo or nature documentary. It instills a sense of wonder and respect for wildlife that is invaluable for young minds.

You’re able to witness the majesty of wildlife up close and personal and it’s not only an adventure but a valuable lesson in conservation and the importance of biodiversity. Read 8 Tips for Planning and African Safari with Kids to get started on planning this once-in-a-lifetime holiday for your family.

sayulita mexico with kids

9. Sayulita, Mexico

Sayulita is a colorful, laid-back beach town close to Puerta Vallarta, that’s just perfect for families looking to blend relaxation with a tiny bit of cultural exploration. With its gentle kid-friendly waves, vibrant streets, and friendly locals, a family vacation to Sayulita can be a little a slice of heaven where children and adults can all enjoy the beach, unwind, and re-connect.

Travel to Bhutan with kids? That's the best idea for 2024.

10. Bhutan: One of the 10 Best Places (Ever) to Travel with Kids

Discover the hidden kingdom of Bhutan with your kids. It’s such a unique place where happiness is measured (you can feel it when you land). The breathtaking landscapes here are as lovely as its culture. Bhutan offers families a unique blend of adventure, peace, and cultural immersion, all set against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas.

For adventurous families looking to immerse themselves in nature and culture, Bhutan is a dream. This Himalayan kingdom offers trekking opportunities, archery demonstrations, and the chance to explore ancient monasteries. Bhutan’s commitment to happiness and environmental conservation makes it a profound place for kids to learn about sustainability and mindfulness.

temples to visit in Ubud - pura tirta temple

Traveling with Kids: Off The Beaten Path

Traveling to destinations often labeled as “developing” can be both safe and incredibly enriching for children, contrary to common misconceptions. These experiences can encourage independence, resilience, and a broader perspective on life. Venturing into these less-developed regions can be a very positive and very safe experience for kids, with the right preparation.

Cultural Immersion and Adaptability

Traveling to less-developed countries exposes children to diverse cultures and ways of life, encouraging them to adapt to new environments and situations. This immersion builds adaptability and empathy, as they learn to navigate cultural differences and communicate across language barriers. There’s nothing like watching your kids play, enjoy a pickup football (soccer) game in the street with local kids, even if there is literally no language overlap.

Playing soccer with kids in a South African township outside of Capetown
Football (soccer) is the international language among children

Appreciation for Diversity

Children who experience different cultures firsthand develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diversity of the world. This can dismantle stereotypes and foster a sense of global citizenship from a young age.

Resourcefulness and Problem-Solving

Traveling in areas with fewer resources or conveniences than they are accustomed to at home teaches children to be resourceful and solve problems creatively. Whether it’s dealing with a language barrier, navigating a new city, or adapting to different food, kids learn to manage and will find joy in unfamiliar situations.

Gratitude and Perspective

This is one of the primary reasons we wanted to travel so much with our kids. Visiting less-developed areas can instill a sense of gratitude in children for what they have and provide them with a new perspective on their own lives. Witnessing different living conditions and challenges can be eye-opening. We think everyone comes back more appreciative of the life they have at home. Read more about volunteering.

Travelling through Cambodia with kids
We always bring stickers or pencils to hand out to local children, too!

Increased Independence and Confidence

We’ve seen that experiencing new activities and sights, especially in environments that are vastly different from what they know, has significantly boosted our kids’ independence and confidence. Overcoming challenges teaches children that they are capable of handling situations that they might not feel ready to tackle.

Ensuring Safety and Positive Experiences

While there are many benefits to traveling to less developed countries with children, ensuring their safety and well-being is paramount. Here are some considerations to ensure a positive experience:

  • Research and Preparation: Before traveling, research your destination thoroughly, understanding health risks, local customs, electricity, money and safety advice. Preparation is key.
  • Health Precautions: Ensure all necessary vaccinations are up to date, and prepare a health kit with essential medications and first-aid supplies. Learn about local healthcare facilities and have a plan for medical emergencies. You can always ask these questions at hotel reception or ask your tour guide.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Teach your children about the local customs and languages. Showing respect and openness to learning about new cultures can significantly enrich the travel experience and foster positive interactions with locals. We suggest learning a few words before traveling (or on the flight!). Hello, yes, no, please, and thank you go a long way  with locals.
Visiting a school in Cambodia with kids
Best day spent at this orphanage in Cambodia with these gorgeous children!

Benefits of Raising Global Children

Traveling to developing countries with kids, with careful planning and an open mind, can be an incredibly rewarding experience. This type of travel (not a vacation, but a trip) offers lessons in humility, resilience, and the richness of human diversity. It lays the foundation for independent global citizens, and there are many other benefits to raising global children.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Global children grow up with a deep-seated respect for cultural differences, understanding the value of diversity in shaping a harmonious world.
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Traveling challenges kids to think on their feet, solve problems, and make decisions in new contexts, enhancing their cognitive flexibility and creativity.
  • Global Networking: Children who travel meet people from various backgrounds, creating connections that can last a lifetime. These early networks can open doors to opportunities in education, careers, and personal growth in an interconnected world.


Taka Makassar in Komodo national park is perfect for snorkeling.

Traveling with kids is not just about the destinations; it’s about the journey of growth, learning, and discovery that each place offers.

As we head into 2024, it’s time to raise global children who are culturally aware of likenesses and differences. By traveling, we feel that we’ve prepared our kids with more empathy, curiosity, and adaptability so they will thrive as adults. As our kids grow up, we will continue to explore, learn, and share the wonder of travel with them, but each trip will be much different than when they were 8 and 10

You can read my Top 10 Places to Travel in 2023 here.

What country would be on your 10 Best Places to Travel with Kids list?

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