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When I think about which jewelry to wear, I always consider what vibe I’m feeling that day. Jewelry has the power to not only add the finishing touches to an outfit but also change my entire mood. Sometimes I’m in the mood for my timeless classics: my wedding bands, simple earrings, etc., but lately I’ve been experimenting with layering in a statement ring, unique necklace, or something edgy that reflects my personality. Melinda Maria Jewelry is a female-owned brand that celebrates women and creativity and offers beautifully crafted pieces bridging the gap between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry.

A Review of My Top 5 Favorites from Melinda Maria Jewelry

As a lover of minimalism, I’ve curated a selection of must-have pieces from Melinda Maria Jewelry that include timeless classics and modern designs that speak to my unique personality.

Melinda Maria Jewelry - Not Your Basic Blue Opal Tennis Necklace 16" Gold|Blue Opal

Not Your Basic Blue Opal Tennis Necklace

The Not Your Basic Blue Opal Tennis Necklace screams “Hello Summer!” to me. The 16″ necklace comes in gold with sparkly and refreshingly cool Blue Opal stones. The necklace glimmers and shimmers with green, gold and blue sparkles, depending on where the light hits. When the light changes or you move slightly, the necklace comes alive with color!  It makes me happy and long for balmy beach days, sunshine, and summer cocktails. It’s the perfect way to jazz up a casual white T-shirt and jeans, or wear with your LBD for that pop of color. Find it here.

one of my best mother's day gifts is the Melinda Maria Love Letter Medallion Necklace

Love Letters Medallion Necklace

Melinda Maria’s Love Letters Medallion Necklace is simply stunning and exudes timeless elegance. I personalized mine with my initial, however, you could personalize with the initial of a child, or perhaps to preserve the memory of a loved one who is no longer here. It’s personal, stylish, and a way to cherish memories. This has become a staple in my wardrobe and I receive so many compliments when I wear it. Find it here.

Melinda Maria Jewelry - Not Your Basic Blue Opal Tennis Necklace 16" Gold|Blue Opal

Not Your Basic Blue Opal Bracelet

Not Your Basic Blue Opal Bracelet from Melinda Maria Jewelry is the perfect complement to the Not Your Basic Blue Opal Tennis Necklace. It also comes in gold with blue opals, and adds a definite pop of color and style to any outfit. Its beautiful craftsmanship makes it durable, and the box push clasp gives it an elegant and simple design. I love to stack it with my other gold bracelets to give them all a pop of color. However, it’s also beautiful as a stand-alone piece, too and can hold its own by itself as a gemstone tennis bracelet. LOVE LOVE LOVE this so much! Find it here >>

Melinda Maria Small Hoop Gabriela in Gold with Diamonds

Gabriella Pavè Spiked Hoops

Gabriella Pavè Spiked Hoops are edgy and glam and are perfect when I want to add a little ‘pizzazz’ to my outfit. The Melinda Maria hoop earring design is so unique, and they come in different sizes and colors to match any look. I love that I can dress them up with a favorite dress, or wear them with a classic tee and jeans for a casual look. When I’m wearing these earings, I feel a little ‘extra’ and maybe even a little more ‘sassy’.  Try them — I dare you to not feel cool! Find them here >>

Melinda Maria Simple Gold Hoop Earrings

Melinda Maria Atlas Hoops 

Let’s face it, we all need a simple gold hoop as our go-to piece, and these beautiful bold Atlas Hoops hoops help me feel effortlessly polished. These Melinda Maria .75″ hoops in gold add a touch of elegance to any outfit, whether dressing them up for special occasions or accentuating a casual look. Their versatile design and minimal style adds a touch of elegance to any of my outfits. They are top-quality, timeless, fashion jewelry, and a staple for any jewelry lover’s collection. Find them here >>

Fashion Jewelry vs. Fine Jewelry

Melinda Maria jewelry bridges the gap between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry, offering pieces that are both stylish and timeless, accessible and glamorous at the same time. Fashion jewelry, known for its versatility and trend-driven designs, is typically crafted from less expensive materials, allowing for bold, statement-making pieces without the hefty price tag. On the other hand, fine jewelry is characterized by its use of precious metals and gemstones, often regarded as investment pieces due to their durability and timeless appeal.

While fashion jewelry allows for versatility and experimentation with trends, fine jewelry really signifies luxury and permanence. Melinda Maria really bridges the fashion and fine jewelry worlds with designs that feature high-quality craftsmanship and stylish, contemporary aesthetics. Her collections incorporate semi-precious stones and gold-plated or solid gold metals, providing the luxe look of fine jewelry with the playful, innovative spirit of fashion jewelry. This hybrid approach caters to a modern aesthetic, and it’s a perfect fit if you value style and substance in your jewelry.

Melinda Maria jewelry strikes the perfect balance. She’s created jewelry that is on-trend yet sophisticated, making her pieces lovely for everyday wear AND special occasions. And, it’s not nearly as expensive as fine jewelry, which makes a bigger collection more accessible.

Where to Buy Melinda Maria Jewelry

You can find Melinda Maria Jewelry online here. Melinda’s jewelry is high quality, and did I mention they offer a lifetime guarantee and free shipping?

There aren’t any Melinda Maria coupon codes I can offer. But, to add a piece of luxurious Melinda Maria Jewelry to your collection, you can use my exclusive Melinda Maria discount code SAMANTHAKUHR for 10% off your first order.

Jewelry has the power to turn any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. For me, it’s a finishing touch to help me feel put together, confident, and ready to take on the world. Melinda Maria Jewelry is more than just an accessory; it’s a feeling, a vibe, a celebration of personal style, and individuality. Whether you’re treating yourself or giving as a gift, Melinda Maria Jewelry offers the perfect piece for every occasion.

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Wearing a Melinda Maria Love Letter Medallion Necklace

What is your favorite Melinda Maria Jewelry piece?

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