Visit Brussels: 5 Reasons to Plan a Visit

We were excited to check Belgium off our travel list and recently took an ‘Emptynestcation’ to visit Brussels and Brugge. Brussels is bursting with culture, history, food, and architecture and we were ready to soak it ALL in (especially the chocolate, beer and waffles!)

When you visit Brussels there are lots of famous landmarks to explore, and the city is built for pedestrians…

Visit Brugge: 5 Magical Things to Experience

As we welcome our new phase of life as empty nesters, we discovered ‘Emptynestcation’s’ are a thing… and we’re enthusiastically on board! We recently traveled to visit Brugge, a beautiful historic city in Belgium that is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, often referred to as the “Venice of the North.”

Bruges is the French spelling…