Best Places to Travel in Europe with Kids

A European Family Adventure Guide

European travel is civilized travel. It’s a time to connect with culture, with history, and with tradition. If you want to travel to Europe with kids, however, civility might mean something different—depending on their behavior!

Every European city holds a new adventure, especially when the kids are tagging along. I think that’s actually what makes a big difference – that you create your trip for you and the kids “tag along”, not plan the trip for the kids first and adults second.

Putting the kids first can make your trip to Europe so much more relaxing. As a family, we’ve discovered Europe isn’t just a continent; it’s a giant playground waiting for us to explore. Whether it’s the buzzing streets of Paris or the tranquil beaches of Greece, there’s something for everyone and it changes from season to season.

My two boys have become quite the seasoned travelers — but its taken a lot of patience…and practice! Here are our Top Ten Place to Travel in 2024.

So, how do you get the most out of travel to Europe with kids? Do you need to buy family travel insurance? This is a collection of just some of our travels that answer some of those questions.  I hope they inspire you and your family to get off the beaten path. They should help make planning travel with kids easier than reading through thick guidebooks.



Paris, the city of lights, isn’t just for lovers; it’s a wonderland for kids! Beyond the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, which by the way, can fascinate kids with its Egyptian mummies and the Mona Lisa. There’s extravagance, and there are simple magical experiences like grabbing a fresh baguette sandwich for lunch that brings the real Paris to life.


Munich is a city that dances to the rhythm of its own drum, with fairy-tale castles and hearty food. While Oktoberfest might catch the eye of adults, the city’s rich history and culture can keep your family engaged in sights and activities for days.

Visit Greece with Kids

Greece is not just a lesson in ancient history; it’s a splash into crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches. The kids learned to say “Yassas” (hello) and made friends over games of beach soccer. The slower pace and the warm, low cost, and local hospitality make it an ideal spot for visiting with kids.


Iceland might sound like a chilly destination, but there’s warmth that lies in its breathtaking landscapes and hot springs. One of our most memorable experiences was visiting a geothermal pool after a 2 hour hike. Floating in its warm waters while watching each other’s hair freeze was quite memorable. As was the hike back down!

Family Travel in Italy

Travel to Europe with kids to experience the magic of Italy.


Spain with Kids

Spain vibrates with life, color, and the sound of Flamenco music. In Barcelona, we experienced the tapas, the architecture and the football. The kids loved exploring the little nooks and crannies in Seville, and in San Sebastian we all enjoyed the northern version of tapas – pintxos – in this magnificent beach town.

United Kingdom

Live Like a Local in London

London is close to our hearts. We’ve had so many great experiences in this amazing city over the years, it’s really become a home away from home.

Travel to Europe: Hidden Gems and Insider Secrets

Here are some tips to make travel to Europe with kids more manageable.

Live Like Locals

Skip the hotel and opt for an Airbnb rental in a residential area. You’ll get a feel for local life, and the kids can make friends in the neighborhood. We’ve had some of our best adventures just by following the locals to markets and cafes. And the kids will make friends easily, especially when school’s out in the summer.

Transportation with Kids

In cities like Paris and London, invest in a travel pass for the Metro or the Tube designed for tourists. They often come with unlimited travel and discounts to attractions, saving you money and the headache of navigating fare systems.

Eating Out in Europe

Encourage your kids to keep a food diary. Europe’s culinary diversity means they can scribble down anything from a French croissant to a Spanish paella. It’s a fun way to get them excited about trying new foods.


Before the trip, find books or movies set in the places you’re visiting. It helps the kids connect with the culture and history more deeply when they’re there. This can also make education seem more like entertainment for them, too. For instance, reading about Harry Potter before visiting London can add a magical layer to the trip.

Pack a Picnic

European cities are dotted with beautiful parks and gardens. Go to a market or farmer’s market and buy local produce and make your own lunch. Having a picnic saves money and also gives you a taste of the local lifestyle, local foods, and local shopping experience. And you know what your kids will eat, so stops any fussing. It’s a simple routine that became a highlight of travel for us in Europe and wherever we go. It’s not always practical, but when you have a day of wandering, sometimes a local park is a great break for everyone.

Bon Voyage and Safe Travels!

Travel to Europe with kids isn’t just about checking off landmarks. It’s about immersive experiences that bring the family closer. I hope your next European adventure with kids is a journey that your family will remember forever.